How to build a career scoring film, TV, & video games

How do you build up your career as a composer? How do you create momentum so that your career grows continuously? Guerrilla Film Scoring has the answers from Hollywood’s top composers for film, television, and video games.

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The qualities that sustain a composer’s career are not related to the art of music. Your music needs to be brilliant and original, but that alone is not enough, just like a great steak alone doesn’t keep a restaurant in business. A product by itself does not build or sustain a business, and that is very often misunderstood by artists in all mediums. Musicians are usually focused on the creative process and on making an end product that is high quality and has integrity. They hope that their art will speak for itself and draw attention to them over time, but that is usually a false hope. There is too much music in the world and too much media being consumed for that hope to be realized, except in a handful of cases. Making a high quality product and dropping it into film festivals or iTunes is like putting a message in a bottle and throwing it out to sea. Only one in a million will have any result. Your music needs to be great, but other things build and sustain your business.

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