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Writing On Demand
Jeremy wrote an article for the ASCAP membership, and ASCAP has generously offered a 20% discount on Guerrilla Film Scoring.

Go to and use the code 7A20ASCAP during checkout.

Designing Music Now, January 25, 2016Designing Music Now Logo

Writer’s Block and Productivity
Jeremy is a core team member and editor of Designing Music Now, an online magazine by composers for composers, and publishes articles with them monthly.

NYC’s Downtown Magazine, January 10, 2016Downtown Magazine Logo

Q&A Interview with Darren Paltrowitz
Jeremy Borum talks Guerrilla Film Scoring, working with The Police’s Stewart Copeland, upcoming Opera America event, and more.

The Bronze Review, October 10, 2015f85c1c_490c8a7927204ed0bd25513741be9c7c

Film Scoring 101: Insider Tips And More
An interview with Jeremy Borum about comic books, film music, and the composing process.

Creative Screenwriting Oct 5, 2015CreativeScreenwriting

The Other Kind of Notes: Jeremy Borum on Scoring Scripts
“At first glance, screenwriting and orchestration might seem to have little to do with one another, the latter usually taking place after the former is finished. However, as we discovered on interviewing Jeremy, the script can greatly influence the score.”

BuySoundtrax Sept 8, 2015BSX_top_header

Randall Larson’s Soundtrax column
“In a nutshell it reveals how to make a great film score both quickly and cost effectively. It’s a survival guide for how the industry is NOW – not an outdated treatise on how Hollywood used to work or is ‘supposed’ to work.”

Sonicbids August 20, 2015Sonicbids

The Key to Finding Work as a Composer
“If you want a career as a composer, you need to be prepared to spend considerable energy finding work, and you’ll have to do most of it guerrilla style.”

Stage 32, July 15, 2015Stage32 Logo

Dear Filmmaker: An Open Letter On Building A Great Team
Guerrilla Film Scoring contributor Timothy Andrew Edwards wrote an article for Stage 32 and referenced the book.

Micro Filmmaker Magazine June 27, 2015MicroFilmmakerMagazine

Guerrilla Film Scoring (Book Review)
“Borum engages his readers in a conversational style unprecedented in the world of film scoring. Avoiding dry theories and explanations, the author engages his readers’ minds and hearts to see the new landscape of filmmaking and film scoring – a landscape that holds as much promise as it does uncertainty.”

Berklee Today, June 3, 2015Berklee Today Summer 2015

Guerrilla Film Scoring and Jeremy Borum featured in the summer issue of Berklee Today, the alumni magazine by the Berklee College of Music.

Performer Magazine June 15, 2015PerformerMagazine

3 Tips For Composers To Boost Your Networking Skills
“If you want a career as a composer, you need to be prepared to spend considerable energy finding work, and you’ll have to do most of it guerrilla style.”

Mode Audio, May 15, 2015Mode Audio

Film Soundtrack Composing: Jeremy Borum Interview
“Jeremy’s insights into the industry are nothing of short of fascinating, particularly if you’re an aspiring soundtrack composer looking for practical advice on how to turn your dream into a reality.”
Also published in Spanish on

MIDI Film Scoring, May 8, 2015MIDI Film Scoring

‘Guerrilla Film Scoring’ Book Praised by Top Schools and Industry Pros
“Jeremy Borum’s Guerrilla Film Scoring is the first guide to provide new cutting-edge solutions for composers to deliver quality music with ever-shrinking budgets.”

Develop Magazine April 23, 2015DevelopMagazine

Composing for Games When You’re Not A Gamer
An interview with Jeremy Borum
NewBayMedia“The baseline of other media tends to be convention and the baseline of game music tends to be experimentation. It’s very freeing.”

#1 Hot New Release on Amazon

In the first two months of its release (April & May 2015) Guerrilla Film Scoring was in and out of the #1 spot on Amazon’s “Hot New Releases” lists for Music Composition, Film & Television, Music Textbooks, Songwriting, Music Theory, and Performing Arts. At one time it even occupied 3 out of the top 6 positions in Songwriting (hard copy, paperback, and kindle). What an honor!

Music Composition:

Amazon Music Composition #1

Film & Television:

Amazon Film & Television #1


Amazon Songwriting

Music Textbooks

Amazon Music Textbooks #1

Performing Arts

Amazon Performing Arts #1

Music Theory


Film Music Notes April 20, 2015FilmMusicNotesHeader

BOOK REVIEW: Guerrilla Film Scoring, by Jeremy Borum
“A very clear picture of exactly what it means to be a film composer today.”

Gearslutz April 17, 2015Gearslutz

The Gearslutz Press Desk featured the book in three places: a New Product Feature, the Music for Picture forum, and a listing in the Books, DVDs, & Gadgets store.

Miriam Cutler March 30, 2015Miriam Cutler headshot

Emmy nominanted composer Miriam Cutler wrote about Guerrilla Film Scoring on her website. She has an extensive background in scoring for independent film & TV projects, as well as two circuses. Miriam is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in the Documentary Branch.

Soundtrack Net March 29, 2015Screen shot 2015-04-10 at 1.10.16 PM

“…provides new cutting-edge solutions for composers to deliver quality music with ever-shrinking budgets.”
See the full article

Raindance Film Festival March 27, 2015Raindance

Musicians: Networking The Right Way
“The relationships that will lead to the most long term success are loyal ones based on mutual respect, generosity, common interests, and shared passions…”

Score Track March 20, 2015ScoreTrackNet

“…the definitive groundbreaking guide to the new film scoring and music landscape.”
See the full article

PR Web March 18, 2015

PRWeb ran a press release about Guerrilla Film Scoring which caught the attention of many arts & entertainment editors across the nation. That release was re-published about 250 times by prominent networks all over the US:

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