How to find work scoring film, TV, & video games

How do composers find work? What can you do to stay productive and gainfully employed in today’s market? Guerrilla Film Scoring has the answers from Hollywood’s top composers for film, television, and video games.

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The ultimate question “How do I find work?” is one that can baffle even the most successful artists. Any industry relating to the arts is whimsical. Styles change, tastes change, the personalities of the creators and consumers change, and the arts themselves change. It can be very difficult to pinpoint a need and position yourself to fill that need. Even if you’re able to do that, it can still be difficult to monetize what you have done. The methods of finding work are constantly changing, and the type of music that sells is changing even faster. No matter how long your music career lasts, the difficulty of finding work will persist throughout for all but a lucky few.

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  1. Domo Pax Inekigha

    Well, i think based on making your career or your work successful, one important factor is how creative you are with your skills or what you do. It seems it’s not easy really to find frequent jobs as a composer, or rather jobs that come easily for a composer. Is that true? I’d say in my view, a good way of making a good living as a Music Composer would be to put in different concepts or ideas that you could use to express your music in such a way that the music you produce has something new and unique to offer. I believe a Music composer composes incredible music when he expresses what he imagines and feels.

    1. Post

      Creativity is extremely important, and not only musical creativity. As composers we need to also be creative in business, and we can express our personality and our art in the ways we pursue our career at the same time that we express ourselves through the music.

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