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Forget the price tag, this book will save you thousands. Jeremy has years and years of knowledge in the business and this book can testify that. From various recording sessions I have worked on I wish that I had purchased this book prior. It would have saved masses of time, mistakes, and most of all the money that those mistakes cost.

All the tips and inside knowledge from yeas of working in the industry are packed into this book, and going forward I will be sure to note of all them in here. This book is a must for anyone in the music industry or anyone looking into recording music. Do yourself a favor and purchase it now. The price tag is underpriced for the insider knowledge you will gain, money you will save, and the respect you will gain from those in the industry.

JustinDunn, January 2, 2016

I am literally astounded at this book and how it applies to me. This may just be the single greatest personal read in terms of career development. If you’re a composer in today’s world, you need this most excellent field manual that will guide you through the trenches that make up the modern film score industry. Simply amazing. Sonic Myst Labs, Nov. 4 2015

It was very helpful and exciting. I’m composing my first two films right now, I needed some advice, and your book provided everything I needed. I bought another book along with it, but I don’t think I need to read it now. Your book was a perfect fit with great insight. You also sold me on the practice of not multitasking. Keith Irish, April 29, 2016
Thank you again for your feedback during the Film/TV panel at ASCAP Expo 2016. It was truly amazing to have been selected, and to receive critique from such an esteemed panel of judges. In particular, I wanted to say a special thank you for the insightful critique, and words of encouragement you shared with me. You really are such an inspiration. It was such a positive experience, and an honour to have met you. I’ve taken so much from the day, and it was especially cool meeting the author of Guerrilla Film Scoring! Stuart Sweeney, May 5, 2016
Guerrilla Film Scoring is jam packed with helpful ideas on the business. As a long-time studio musician I have seen amazing (and frightening) changes in our business in recent years. Unfortunately the digital revolution has made it easier for music to be made, edited and recorded all over the world with minimal need for quality performers. Jeremy tackles this new world with skill and knowledge. He helps sort it out and his book will be a great primer for those talented composers who aspire to a film scoring career. I particularly like his advice on writer’s block and for mixing — and especially like his quote, “prepare yourself to be lucky”.

This is an intelligent, timely and well structured book — A MUST FOR ALL FILM COMPOSERS!

Jim Self, Feb. 19, 2016
Veteran Hollywood Studio Musician and composer

An invaluable insider’s guide to the realities of the film scoring profession as it looks today. Well-written, comprehensive. A must have for the budding media composer. Loved it. Brian, Feb. 16, 2016
Guerilla Film Scoring is a refreshing, practical guide, stuffed with professional insights and tactics perfect for those either floundering or looking to enter or an obscenely competitive industry. It is a hard lined approach to embracing the realities of changed methods of media allowing for floods of talent only afforded to select few in the past. This book offers a crucial overview in a step-by-step guide of production from beginning to end so as to consistently deliver and be in demand. If you’re eager, resilient and are looking for a heads up or tune up, this read is a bargain on the eternal pursuit of education. Anonymous, Jan. 31, 2016
Definitely worth checking out, not just for musicians but any artist, producer or content creator that is forced by necessity to work under significant constraints. Robert C, Jan. 21, 2016
You don’t often come across a “textbook” that is so grounded in practical, real-world experience, and written by someone who has worked in the field, not just theorized about a subject. Acknowledging from the outset that the film scoring industry has changed dramatically over the decades, and far more is expected of film scorers if they’re to be successful, this is a well-written, approachable guide for how to prepare someone for some of these challenges. The author includes reflections and pieces of advice from other key players in the LA music scene – helpful in giving different perspective throughout the book and also assuring aspiring film scorers that there isn’t just one proper way to do things. Chapter 13 is particularly helpful in giving a great overview of the mixing process for someone who is not as familiar and introducing the various functions. Great book! Highly recommend to anyone working in, or just interested in, the industry. Darcey, Jan. 19, 2016
Jeremy has written a much-needed, battle-tested guide to how things really work in today’s world of film scoring — a point in time vastly different than any other period in the past — from a creative, technical and business standpoint. This is a no-nonsense manual, which strips away fantasy, hearsay and illusion, to guide, with care and expertise, new as well as more experienced creative artists into the ever changing landscape of film scoring. He has covered thoroughly each necessary step in the entire process from a creative beginning to full professional fruition, including having obtained valuable advice from well-known music biz pros on a variety of topics. Very valuable book for the new world of composing and scoring for film, which can be likened to a minefield of sorts laced with overlapping and necessary areas of expertise, which today’s artists need to master. Thank you, Jeremy, for your time and commitment to helping many others succeed on this exciting journey.

Nick Blagoev, Jan. 28, 2016
Professional Musician, Music Scholar, Composer, Music Critic

Guerrilla Film Scoring strikes a rare–and essential–balance between accessible technical content, creative compositional insight, relevant business strategy, and deeply human advice! Borum’s insistence on the “guerrilla” nature of contemporary film scoring is both insightful and refreshing, breaking down historical hierarchies with practical advice, wit, and a keen eye—and ear—for the rapid evolution and potential democratization of the profession.

Its versatility of tone, structure, and content lends the book to multiple uses—the classroom, private music studios, professionals wanting to stay current in a changing field, amateurs who have always dreamed of scoring a film but have no prior experience—yet despite the book’s broad accessibility to a wide range of readers, Borum maintains a high level of professionalism throughout the text, offering perspectives that can benefit established composers and musicians without ever assuming a tone that excludes the general reader.

Guerrilla Film Scoring is, in short, the most comprehensive and applicable guide to film scoring I have come across to date. It is refreshing, engaging, and fills a crucial void in the existing literature.

Cherie Rivers Ndaliko, Jan. 19, 2016

Detailed, insightful and crucial. In an ever-changing entertainment (finance) climate, a ‘road map’ like this is necessary for composers, music supervisors, editors, and producers. JDilla, Jan. 18, 2016
Guerrilla Film Scoring should be required reading for anyone considering a career in composing for media. In short, it provides a sobering reality check through an in-depth look at seemingly every aspect of the business. Borum takes no prisoners in his thoroughgoing and detailed assessment of what one needs to know and do to have a career as a composer for film, TV, games and any media that requires music. I’ve been in the music business for almost thirty-years, and although I am primarily an instrumentalist and not a composer (although I have an avid interest in composition and specifically songwriting), everything in the book rings true. Indeed, there is information in this book that is as important for instrumentalists, copyists, orchestrators and music editors as it is for composers. As with any informative, single-focused book the reader will find things that may or may not be as important or as essential as Borum suggests. Nevertheless, all of what Borum says needs to be dealt with one way or the other by any aspiring media composer. As corny as it sounds, don’t read it at your own risk. Or, put another way, it’s a must-read. SG18, Jan. 16, 2016
I am new to the music business world. My experience comprises of composing and currently working with an engineer to mix some of my orchestral works. When I first opened Guerrilla Film Scoring I thought it would be way over my head. But it is so user friendly, so filled with wonderful advise, and such a privilege to read the quotes from the top Hollywood Composers offering their advise and experience, that I feel that I have been launched into a whole new world of information.

The book is beautifully designed. Once one starts to read it, it is hard to put down. I can see from all the wonderful reviews that this book will be used and appreciated not only in Universities and Music Schools, but also for those musicians who are currently fully working and producing as well as novices such as myself who are just entering this world.

Bonnie Weiss, Jan. 15, 2016

In Guerrilla Film Scoring, Jeremy Borum has managed to accomplish what few authors in my opinion have: to accurately describe the sheer volume of work, dedication, and imagination needed to succeed in an ever-changing industry, while simultaneously making the reader feel empowered and even enthusiastic to take it on!

His insights aren’t limited to film scoring either. As a recording artist and producer in Boston, Massachusetts, I have personally found this book to be spot-on for professional music creation in general. While some elements are of course exclusive to film scoring, much of it is applicable to anyone already involved with or considering a career in any part of the music industry.

The author’s style is conversational and direct, making it a joy to read. With comments from professionals inserted throughout, it feels more like watching a documentary than reading a text book.

What makes Guerrilla Film Scoring so unique is that the comments and advice are presented like a “choose your own adventure.” Everyone who contributed to this book found different types of success in sometimes vastly different ways. The book really seems to champion the philosophy of forging your own path and gives a lot of very useful information and ideas on how the reader can do just that.

Accurate, realistic, entertaining, and empowering, Guerrilla Film Scoring is a fantastic guide through this dangerous jungle we call “the music industry”.

Kevin O’Shaughnessy, Jan. 7, 2016

Jeremy Borum generously shares his wealth of knowledge in this timely and informative effort. In Guerrilla Film Scoring Borum addresses everything from business-related issues like how to find the jobs and how a basic contract might be structured, to technology and time-management. In today’s changing industry, it’s important to figure out what’s working now so as to make the most effective use of ones time and efforts. This book will provide you with a solid guide in building your composing business from ground zero. Of course there are many books one could read in order to study principles of composition. But, in order for all that wonderful skill to pay off, you’ll need to know how to get your foot in the door in the first place. And, then you’ll need to know how to keep the phone ringing after you get those first jobs. Herein lie the steps to creating for yourself a well-laid actionable plan. YP, Jan. 4, 2016
Jeremy Borum’s Guerilla Film Scoring offers great insight into the world of professional film scoring for someone who may be on the verge of this career path.

As a Berklee graduate and former film composer professional, I honestly wish someone had handed me this book before I ventured out to LA–there are decades of wisdom from many professionals crammed into 250 pages. Film scoring is a true art, but one without a rule book with how to survive in the industry. Life as a composer involves not only artistic and musical talent, but also the business aspect of active, continuous networking as well as being prepared on all fronts. This very practical guidebook offers a how-to survive in the industry, with practical tips on how get started and build a foundation for a professional career. I particularly enjoyed reading all the quotes and perspectives from A-list professionals scattered throughout the chapters–getting real advice from those who have been there is priceless.

Guerilla Film Scoring presents a truly realistic view on how industry actually runs and how the emerging film composer can function with continually decreasing budgets and ever-increasing expectations…this is no other book that I am aware of of its kind. Whether you come from a traditional university music program, or are self-taught, I highly recommend that anyone venturing out on this career path indulge themselves in a copy of this book. I believe that every comprehensive film scoring program should have this book as required reading in order to prepare future professionals.

ChandraC, Jan. 2, 2016

Such an immense amount of practical information all contained in one book! No other book clearly lays out the current state of the film scoring business like this book. This is one that should be on every aspiring film composers’ reading list. Timothy J Rodier, December 30, 2015
Guerrilla Film Scoring offers clear-cut, practical advice and real details about the contemporary world of film and media scoring and the overall changing landscape of the media industry. The reality is that the composer is no longer a composer alone, but an engineer, an entrepreneur, an instrumentalist, a copyist, and so much more. For anyone starting down the path to becoming a career film composer (or looking in that direction), this book will be invaluable to you as it outlines not just what you need to know, but how to go about doing it, and what to expect. Also included throughout the book are little nuggets of wisdom from working composers in the field, several of whom I have either met or have worked with, and they are all valuable and insightful.

If you have even an inkling that you would like to score film or media, or are just curious about the realities of that world, please give this book your undivided attention.

Nathanael Tronerud, December 30, 2015

As a Music Composition student currently aspiring to enter the film scoring industry, I consider this book a game-changer and a godsend. The book is powered by an absolutely comprehensive understanding of the current nature of music in the film industry, and serves as a roadmap to be harnessed by composers that strive to realistically navigate the field and forge a career.

This text is distinguished from others in part by a critical element: the thorough understanding it conveys of the tremendous discrepancy between the current nature of the industry from the romanticized “golden age” of film scoring, which is still widely perceived as the reality. The book immediately clarifies the fact that the game has totally changed for composers of this medium even within the past decade. With this as the backdrop, the following text carefully guides the reader through the necessary components of the building of a career as a film composer in modern times, touching on everything from organization, time management, and the actual composing, to the intricacies of technology, collaboration, and of finding work.

Another supremely distinguishing aspect of the book is the inclusion of content derived from a plethora of currently successful film composers. Unlike other books I’ve read that simply display the result of an interview, here the interviews are carefully interspersed throughout the chapters in a manner that directly supports the content of the pertinent chapter. In this way, one finds that nearly every point made in the text is immediately supported by the experiences of contemporary professionals.

Despite covering many topics that may have been considered subjective in nature, there is perhaps not one single sentence in the book that I would disagree with. For composers at any stage of their career, this book is an invaluable resource and should be considered necessary.

Jesse Richardson, December 29, 2015

This book has enlightened me about a part of the music industry that I had never really appreciated before. Although I have worked in the industry most of my life this book has helped me gain a new appreciation for music. I would highly recommend it for professionals and music lovers alike. Ryan Bruce, December 29, 2015
Having gotten into composing for film in the mid 90’s I was part of the generation that got the tail end of the analog methodology of scoring to the full all-digital-DIY world we are now in the midst of. Jeremy’s book was great to read as it reminded me that I’m part of a wonderful community/generation of composers and re-affirmed for me that it’s a great place to be for a while. All I’ve known are “guerilla” work-flows and work-arounds and I’m proud to have been a part of so many projects which simply could not afford “Hollywood” budgets but needed music. Finding solutions to serve the film makers and also make a living – like a soldier! – was hard, exciting, and ultimately gratifying. Reading about Jeremy’s and other composers’ experiences was enjoyable and highlighted how every composer’s journey is unique and awesome. Woody Pak, December 28, 2015
This book offers great insights into the world of film scoring. It reflects the new trends in the field today and could easily become the ultimate guide for aspiring film music composers in the 21 Century. Lokoto, December 28, 2015
Fantastic! This book should be on the compulsory reading list of every serious contemporary music course in the world!

After spending the last 30 years writing for advertising, film, TV and production music, I’ve gone from orchestrating at the kitchen table, to owning a 5 studio complex and a team of composers, engineers, and support staff, back to working from home and outsourcing to some fantastic talent. So “Guerrilla Film Scoring” is the right book for this moment in time.

For anybody even thinking about doing music for film, television, games, advertising, library / production music, long form or short form, this book is the starting point and way beyond. I LOVED the incredibly relevant quotes from contemporary industry professionals, but the detail and depth is astounding. Don’t go scoring without it! Beamo, Dec 22, 2015

Very well written book about film scoring from an author who works as a professional inside the scene. This is not a University text book assuming that everyone could just follow in the footsteps of maestro John Williams, but rather a hands on survival guide for mortal composers. Because of the ever changing nature of the subject, it is essential to read this book now before applying for the next scoring project. Highly recommended! Thorsten Wollmann, December 23, 2015
Guerrilla Film Scoring could not be a better title. In the 21st century that is exactly the reality in the business. A successful filmcomposer myself, I truly enjoy this incredible read. With all the twists and turns Mr. Borum describes the inner workings of making or breaking it in the music film industry.

Like so many other things in modern life information, music, and news became fragmented field for many. No longer is it the one big film, or the big break in TV. The new reality is many little splinnters of success at a a time. Although there are still big composers in charge of a successful picture, even their process became compartmentalized and streamlined with a list of ghostwriters. It is the little pitfalls and the little steps in a team that will get you there.

Jeremy captures the soul of the modern process of film scoring better than anyone. I would strongly recommend this book. It’s not only very informative but entertaining. Alexander B., December 23, 2015

An excellent guide for the beginning composer. Will make you aware of all the myriad of skills and disciplines a media composer needs. The philosophy laid out in the introduction is a must read. Knowthescore, August 22, 2015
I’m an artist, singer/songwriter. I’ve always had a interest of getting into composing music for TV but wasn’t sure where and how to start. This book is an invaluable resource for the beginner and even the pro. I absolutely love how Jeremy really emphasizes how important education is with becoming a good composer. We always need to be learning and honing our craft, especially is the face paced world where technology and trends are in today and gone tomorrow. Another thing in his book that really open my eyes was in chapter 5 regarding Writing. As an artist’s and writer’s we tend to get to attached to our work, our style, our methods of composing, but in the world of Film and TV your artistry is your mark but it’s not was grant’s you success in the market. In the book he talks about “the best thing we can do is get over ourselves.” In this world of film scoring we are “service providers first and artist second.” Again I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to get into film scoring. It’s gold! R. Wood, November 20, 2015
Jeremy Borum’s excellent book is a great guide for film and TV composers dealing with the reality of the industry today. It will appeal to new younger composers as well as those who’ve been in the trenches for some time. Technological changes have seen what was once a very specialized art become open to many thousands of composers worldwide, some with little formal training but a knack at using Garage Band effectively. Hence, budgets have dropped, and putting together high quality scores and surviving as a composer has become much more challenging. Borum provides much helpful advice to address this reality. He discusses all elements of the film scoring process from building your team, the process of demoing, score preparation, recording sessions, and producing your music to a final product. He also addresses the difficulties many encounter in finding ongoing work as a composer, and how to develop your career long-term. The content is excellent, and his writing style is readable and accessible to all. The book fills a much needed gap in the literature, which on the whole addresses the process of film scoring in an earlier age, when budgets were higher, and live instrumentation was the norm. Happy Composer, November 17, 2015
Bravo Jeremy! Wonderful book full of invaluable information. Expert advice and very well written. Whether you’re just getting started in the world of film scoring or are already a working professional, this book is a must have. Rani Sharone, November 10, 2015
After watching all the videos on, I figured I should perhaps purchase this book. Very well written and instructive content for all composers that do everything themselves. I felt like this book was tailored for me. Thank you for putting this together Jeremy Borum!  Karél Psota, December 4, 2015
A must read for today’s class of aspiring film scorers, but with information both valuable and exclusive that should also appeal to music professors and university students, rock bands, recording engineers, and even any amateur GarageBand tinkerer. Well-written and well worth the investment of time and money. This is a book that is sorely needed for the changing dynamics of the film / TV / video game scoring industry.  Steven D. Geller, September 3, 2015
This book is an excellent, and much needed, reality check for anybody thinking about getting into the film music business. Even if you are student, enrolled in a film music program, or working already in the film music business, I would highly recommend reading it.

I’m working in this business for over 20 years and I can tell you that the author Jeremy Borum knows what he is talking about. He doesn’t sell you a dream like a school that wants you to spend your parent’s hard earned money on o a four year program, or any hardware company that wants to convince you that your career depends on the purchase of gear xyz. Instead, Jeremy tells you how it really is, the reality of being a film composer, working in this ever changing business. In addition, the content of the book is underlined by many valuable quotes and video testimonials from various composers and “players” working in this field.

Guerrilla Film Scoring provides a complete picture of all the considerations around a film composer and the business he is working in. Everything from the personal commitment to the business side, with valuable technical information about the process, you can find it in this book with very well laid out chapters and which are easy to read.

If you are a new aspiring student who is thinking of getting into this field, you will have a much better understanding what you are getting into once you are done reading this book. Even if you are already working as a film composer, you might find the valuable tips and information helpful to improve yourself in every aspect of your “job”.

Yes, film composing is a job, a tough job and you shouldn’t be surprised that Jeremy uses examples where he even compares some aspects of the film composer job to a mechanic. So prepare yourself by getting a reality check on on film composing by reading this book about film scoring, which can be a truly amazing and fulfilling “job”.

 Edgar Rothermich, September 2, 2015

You know, I’m not a person who usually posts reviews, but this time I could not miss the opportunity of telling the world about this book…

I’m part of the game industry for 13 years and during this period I’ve been struggling to find source materials that could help me improve my process and workflow and after I found this book, my final conclusion was: Why? Why wasn’t this book released before???

Seriously, all the tips and teachings present on this books are such a must read for all the composers and sound designers or any audio professional out there, no matter if you’re a internship or a super senior professional.

I find myself delighted with this book, specially with the chapter about time management which, nowadays, it’s a must-have-skill. And for last, being able to check the workflow and process from industry legends is such a joy.

My final verdict is: This book is an incredible piece of art and such a great source of knowledge in so many levels. In the end, denying it’s existence, is denying the opportunity to become a better professional.

Congratulations to the writer!

Antonio T., August 23, 2015

A comprehensive introduction to the industry of film as it stands today with tons of useful commentary from professionals within it. Travis, May 17, 2015

I would advise you to read a book called Guerrilla Film Scoring By Jeremy Borum. It’s a fantastic book that really gives you great advice from all different perspectives.

The book is truly amazing! Thank you for taking the time to write a book to help us fellow composer ease to a brutal industry!

I am a composer that did things the untraditional way by one deciding it would be a fun thing to do and never turned back. So I have no training, no teachers, and no schooling. I started looking for some material on the subject and came across this book. The thing that really stood out for me was the practical advice for TODAYS composers. The industry has changed so much just in the last 10 years and I thought that advice that pertained to the industry now was the best advice. Best part about the book… It’s doesn’t sit around and BS things and beat around the bush. It gets straight into the nitty gritty of the industry and that is why Guerrilla Film Scoring is fantastic!

I’ve told every composer I know about your book! Thanks again!

Zach Letts, Film Score Composer, Movie Lover/Buff, Sept 9, 2015

Guerrilla Film Scoring is very on-the-pulse, and I’ve experienced some of the ‘scenarios’ happening to me when I work on TV shows in the UK. I’ve always had a do-it-yourself and work-hard attitude to what I do, and the book has some super relevant stuff and some very sound advice. Furthermore, nobody has dared to talk about the way things have changed and are changing and it’s a reality check for hopefuls starting out in the industry. It demystifies it all and tells it like it is, thank you! I’ll sure be looking out for more Guerrilla books from you! Mathieu Karsenti, September 18, 2015

This book is awesome. My wife bought it for me for Christmas. So, technically, I’m not supposed to have read any of it, but I couldn’t help it and read it all. TJ Wilkins, December 9, 2015

Jeremy has written a book that is so needed in today’s film scoring arena. He is a brilliant musician, composer, orchestrator and arranger. He has worked with some of the best composers in the world. If you are new to this business this book is a must for your library. As a working film composer I can say that Jeremy has hit the nail on the head about how to survive & thrive in this industry. He is also a very nice man. So, want to get in the film biz? Buy this book to learn how it works and how to succeed. David S, August 21, 2015

This book is packed with practical wisdom and sage advice for the aspiring or early-career film composer. Writing with an approachable and enjoyable tone, Jeremy navigates the landscape of film scoring as it exists TODAY where so many other books read as love letters to a bygone era. The many composer interviews add a lot and the book provides a great practical template for composing and producing scores in the current filmmaking landscape. Highly recommended. Ric Zimmerman, August 21, 2015

This book fills the gap between the study of music and a career in music, between the talented hobbyist and the successful professional. It picks up where traditional music education stops and gives practical steps to turn a passion into a viable career. Highly recommended! Thomas J. Adair, April 24, 2015

I absolutely loved this book and studied it for a whole semester. His language and the way he put things together was so entertaining and very informative. I strongly suggest this book to all composers and really whoever that wants to know about this business! Maryam Mirbagheri, August 24, 2015

Good news, this book has the practical advice and guidance for foraging a music career in general and a film scoring career in particular. Everyone pursuing thoughts of a life composing music for film should read this book. Charles T Johnson, August 31, 2015

A serious and comprehensive guidebook and roadmap for anyone who wants to be involved in today’s film scoring community. Obviously this was written by someone who knows what he is talking about. Fanzone on August 23, 2015

Jeremy has written a timely, much-needed, on-point instruction manual for 21st century composers working in Film or TV.

It is not enough to just compose, today composers must be: entrepreneurs, businessmen, producers, studio owners, engineers, contractors, payroll, orchestrators, librarians, publicists, gearheads, distributors, players, conductors, music licensers, team builders, acousticians, editors, mixers, and masterers.

Throughout the course of reading this book, I found myself dealing with many of these issues professionally. I felt more informed and better able to handle myself. This book applies to anyone in music as we all know composers and those who fill these roles on their team, handling the myriad of increasingly technical and financial challenges inherent in the evolution of film/TV scoring.

It is all addressed here, as well as creating your own forward moving career, offering advice on working relationships and becoming the director’s one stop shop.

I will refer often to this book for my own contracts and recording, and fully endorse it for students, composers, and musicians.

Matthew Witmer, November 2, 2015

Anyone currently involved in commercial music in any form will understand immediately the need for this book. Jeremy Borum is a man for this moment. He writes not as one looking on from the sidelines, but rather as someone deeply involved in the business of creating and delivering music to its audience. As such he delivers the insiders view of todays changing music market, and not just speaking from his own experience, but also drawing on the experience of many of the most acclaimed composers in modern music. Their combined voices leave no doubt as to the authenticity and soundness of his message.

This book is readily ingested and will hold the interest of anyone who is currently navigating their way through the changing mordern musical landscape. Jeremy pulls no punches and paints no false pictures. What he does is to offer sound, indespensible advice to anyone interested in succeeding in this modern music market. This book is not only for composers scoring films, but for anyone trying to make sense of the myriad changes in todays music industry.

Steve Caporale, August 24, 2015

Very informative for artists who want to start in this kind of music field. Also really easy to read, if you are not much of a reader like I am. I would highly recommend for anyone that is interested in knowing what is behind the scenes of scoring a film, to from how the sound is created and to the recording sessions Hawke525, January 2, 2016

Guerilla Film Scoring gives in-depth perspectives from a group of professional film composers on the upsides and downsides of the film scoring business. It covers the transition of much of the business from live scoring to midi scoring, and the time pressures and financial issues composers face in today’s business. There is valuable information on how film composers view writing music to film creatively, how to work with filmmakers effectively, on the high production standards expected for initial presentation of new musical ideas, and on building working relationships with filmmakers. There is useful information about music licensing production libraries, how creating production music for these libraries provides an additional area of income for composers, and how the use of licensed tracks from these libraries relates to film scoring. Guerilla Film Scoring gives aspiring film composers a direct window into preparing for today’s film music business. David Stern, August 22, 2015

I knew this book was going to be great after just a couple of pages. It is filled with crucial information for anybody new that is trying to get into the business of writing music for media. For more seasoned composers it is a great way to revaluate what one has been doing wrong or right and to see that others are going through very similar experiences. It’s also worth mentioning that the book is written in a very intelligent yet highly accessible language.

I wish I read this book years a go.In short- it’s a must-read. Jeremy- keep on writing books. You have done an amazing job with this one.

Mik, August 25, 2015

Jeremy Borum’s premiere publication demonstrates that he has his finger on the pulse of the musical world. His practical as well as insightful advice is beneficial for the aspiring artist as well as the seasoned artist who may still be entrenched in archaic practices. A thorough explanation of how the music industry landscape serves as backdrop while providing changed guidelines for how to stay abreast of the transitions while retaining one’s creativity and optimal artistry. This enjoyable read is not only accessible but maintains an upbeat tone throughout! Rose Borunda, August 24, 2015

Guerrilla Film Scoring by Jeremy Borum is a very thorough study into the challenges and expectations of the modern day film scorer. Especially interesting are the quotes from composers in the field discussing the issues Jeremy is describing. A wonderful book for anyone interested in going into the field. Jeremy has come a long way. I know, I was his first piano teacher back in Torrance, CA. Helen Smoot, M.A in Piano Performance UCSB, September 19, 2015

Jeremy Borum’s book gives an insightful and candid assessment of the changing film scoring industry. He makes a compelling argument for the need to adapt to a new landscape of movie production, learn new survival skills as a film composer.

He offers plenty of valuable, practical advice. I enjoyed the fresh, honest look this book presents and found its recommendations very valuable to today’s film composer.

Laszlo Gardony, September 30, 2015

This should be mandatory reading for all composers. This is a kind of practical education that you can’t get from music school, and usually can only get from a mentor directly. Guerrilla Film Scoring is full of real-life insider knowledge from people who are in the trenches of the music industry every day. The author is honest about the difficulties of the industry and yet optimistic throughout. Awesome book!

Brian Wayy, August 23, 2015

I purchased this book for my son, a high school senior, who is interested in a career in music/sound production and scoring. It is a great way to open that world and its possibilities to him. This book is a way for those of us not already in the business to glean some information about it. Fascinating read! Ai-Lin Grison, August 25, 2015

Anybody who reads this should be well prepared to enter the film composer fray. It’s not a book about film music aesthetics, but about the professional environment in 2015. Most importantly, it’s engaging and well-written. If you’re looking to get into the business this is a great place to start. C M A Bazzoli, October 3, 2015

So helpful and practical! Enjoyable to read and really useful tips on how to score films in the current environment!! Jam Music, October 18, 2015

Really amazing book that gives what many other film scoring books don’t, a good insight into what it is like to be a film composer at the beginning of one’s career. M. Hung, June 19, 2015

Jeremy Borum is brilliant and innovative.

Guerrilla Film Scoring is the guidebook that provides the tools necessary on how to get started in the industry, and brings light into the techniques involved in film scoring, and also makes it a lot of fun.

For anyone interested in scoring for commercials, films, or trailers, this book is for you, and it is also makes film scoring fun, whether you are a beginner or an expert.

You can score any type of genre for backgrounds in commercials and film trailers as well. Early Music, Baroque, Rock, Electronic, Classical, Romantic, Jazz, Pop, Hip-Hop, Dance, etc…. you name it. This book is filled with ideas to make it as fun as possible.

Enjoy the read, and don’t forget to have fun.

Richard L. Rosenwald, August 25, 2015

The info in this book was very educational and informative. It covers many topics within the industry. The many videos that have been included of film composers sharing their ideas add a great touch to ones learning experience. Vivian Paiano, Aug. 22 2015

I am an opera singer, cellist and pianist. I have been aware of Jeremy’s extraordinary talents for some five years now. But this book, Guerrilla Film Scoring, is a profound combination of his remarkable knowledge of music. The articulate way Jeremy explains how to go about creating a score from beginning to end – is so valuable to our new and upcoming composers. Yet, I believe it can be equally useful to our present and successful film scoring composers. His knowledge of how to approach independent film scoring, is invaluable. Especially the short cuts he has created himself and is able to share. It is fascinating reading, even for those of us who do not compose. We can better understand the process in total – particularly when singing on a track for film. Jeremy is so clear in his experience and advice, I think every musician would benefit from reading this fascinating book. How lucky we all are to have his generosity of words and thoughts. Bravo Jeremy!! Mara Baygulova – mezzo-soprano, Sept 4, 2015

OMG! There is an enormous gap between the STUDY of music and a CAREER in music, and there are very few professional resources for people in the first decade of their music careers. Sooooooo….Guerrilla Film Scoring is a MUST HAVE. This book shows how to put down roots, survive, and thrive in a very unpredictable industry. It is bleeding-edge current, full of amazing insights, and there’s truly nothing else like it out there. The documentary is fantastic too. Highly recommended! I just wish I would have had this book at the beginning of my career!!! Antonia Serrell-Watts, Sept 21, 2015

This is without a doubt one of the best books you can read and study as a composer. very informative, fun and true! strongly recommended. Anonymous, Oct 12, 2015