Composer & Author Endorsements

stanley_clarke_insertI wish I had this book twenty years ago! — Stanley Clarke, Bass legend, Film Composer

JohnBealI am very impressed with the Guerrila Film Scoring program and presentation. It’s good work, and I look forward to watching its success. — John Beal, Composer, Conductor, and Trailer Music Giant, Dukes of Hazzard, Titanic, Star Wars

Stewart Copeland StillGuerrilla Film Scoring all rings very true, but above all useful. It should absolutely be the Adler of 21st century film composing. – Stewart Copeland, film & opera composer, co-founder of The Police, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame drummer
Music Money SuccessToddBrabecHighly recommended to any composer in the field or anyone who desires to compose music for films. Covers the scoring process from start to finish and provides realistic, fresh and invaluable insight and advice for anyone working in the independent film area. Guerrilla Film Scoring shows you how to create high quality scores, quickly and inexpensively in addition to discussing practically every element of the process from pre-production to finished product. – Todd Brabec, Deems Taylor Award winning author of “Music, Money and Success”, former ASCAP Executive Vice President and Worldwide Director of Membership, Adjunct Professor at USC, Entertainment Law attorney and consultant

AMSThis is not just a book about film music. It is an account of an industry in flux, seen from the standpoint of the men and women who now create the soundtracks for a whole spectrum of new media types. The industry has changed, and this is the first account of how composers have adapted.  – Chris Reynolds, Past-President, American Musicological Society, Professor, University of California, Davis

DavidShireAll by itself, the 12-page Introduction of Guerrilla Film Scoring is worth the price of the whole book. It’s a must-read for anyone contemplating a career as a film composer in today’s radically new scoring landscape. Then, if the reader still wants to pursue that profession, the rest of the book is an invaluable guide to the special skills one needs to be successful at it. Jeremy Borum’s book is an invaluable addition to the film scoring literature. – David Shire, composer, Saturday Night Fever, Alice, Zodiac

Jeff RonaJeffRonaReelWorldJeremy Borum’s book is a great nuts and bolts look at modern film scoring as told by several of today’s more successful composers. It’s a valuable resource to hear real practical experience at work. Highly recommended! – Jeff Rona, composer, author of The Reel World: Scoring For Pictures”

Charles FoxThis book confronts all the many challenges that a composer may have to deal with in writing music for film and television. – Charles Fox, composer, The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson, Foul Play

Penka KounevaGuerrilla Film Scoring tackles specifically low budget scoring and all possibilities to make it awesome. The book deals with the *most current* state of our biz, truly the bleeding edge, and can greatly benefit media composition students – especially early career, fresh out of school composers. It’s brilliant. – Penka Kouneva, composer and orchestrator, Elysium, Ender’s Game, The Matrix

DanKimpelNetworkingStrategiesImpeccable sources, deep research and a fresh point of view: In addition to his technical grasp of the subject, Jeremy Borum also reveals the power of personal relationships and the necessity of becoming a part of a greater creative community. Whether your goal is to be the next John Williams or to score edgy indie films, this well-crafted book is an indispensable guide to an ascendant career. – Dan Kimpel, Song Biz Editor, Music Connection Magazine, Author of Networking Strategies for the New Music Business”

Ellen TiftWith practical advice and street smarts, Jeremy saves the readers YEARS of trial and error in finding their way on their musical career path. What a thorough and practical resource for composers who want to actually pay their bills with their craft. I will definitely use this book as a resource in teaching my composition classes at the university. Bravo!! – Ellen Tift, Worldwide Groove Corporation, Professor, Belmont University

Andrew Grant JacksonAndrewGrantJackson1965Guerrilla Film Scoring will make sure you remember all the balls you need to keep in the air from the moment you get the gig until you deliver the master.  With a clear, easy to read style, Jeremy Borum breaks down each step of the film scoring process.  Packed with in-depth conversations with industry professionals, Guerilla Film Scoring teaches you how to juggle being an artist, a craftsman, and a businessman in a constantly evolving environment. – Andrew Grant Jackson, author of 1965: The Most Revolutionary Year in Music” and Still the Greatest: The Essential Songs of the Beatles’ Solo Careers”